Route Info

To make sure you don’t get into delivery chaos during the ongoing process, we have added every route detail on the app. So, as soon as the parcel is dispatched, you can check the necessary information by tapping on ‘Route Info’. Below parameters are displayed on your screen when route information is opened. 

  • Start time - It shows what will be your start time to cover the entire route.
  • End time - Displays the estimated end time to complete the same day multiple deliveries.
  • Completed stops - It shows how many stops you had in-between the delivery process. 
  • Date - The present date will pop up on the right side of your screen.
  • Total distance - It’s the third row on the left side that represents the distance in miles.
  • Total time - Considering the entire delivery route it will show the time you need to take.
  • Service time - It gets you approx. time of repair and maintenance work for technicians. 

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