Route Configuration

While you are off the mark for performing multiple deliveries, you can set your screen according to your preference. In simple words, the user can select what to display on their screen. Below are options that may or may not display on your screen as you wish.

  • Stop Type: Let the driver or delivery crew member know if it is a delivery or Pickup
  • Notes: It shows you delivery instructions added by the admin.
  • Notes from Recipient: Describes delivery instructions from customers once they add. 
  •  Time Window: It allows you to check deliveries to be made in a specific time frame.
  • Parcel place in a vehicle: Assist you in offloading the parcel from the vehicle.
  • Parcel count: The user will know the number of items included in a single delivery
  • Parcel photos - Delivering the parcel, a driver can upload the images of the handed-over package. 

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